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From: Andrew Logan
Perennial 7-Figure Earner
Dear fellow network marketer,

Did you know that you are more likely to become an astronaut than to make six-figures in network marketing?
Official stats by the AARP Foundation show that less than 0.05% of network marketers ever get to $100,000.

To put it into perspective... 

That means that in a conference room with 2000 trained, money-hungry network marketers… 

Only ONE will end up making six figures

In other words...

✅ You are more likely to become an astronaut (up to 0,08% chance) 

❌ Than to make six-figures in Network Marketing (0,05% chance) 

And it's not because network marketing doesn’t work anymore.

On the contrary, I'd dare to say that it works better than ever.

The REAL reason why 99,95% of network marketers never get to six-figures is because... 

Big MLM Companies Don't Necessarily Want You to Make $100,000

Think of your MLM organization as an army on the battlefield:

In order for emperors and generals to win the battle and get all the fame and accolades... 

They need soldiers who are going to do all the dirty work.

It's these little soldiers who do all the hard work, risk their lives, and eventually win the war... 

But at the end, emperors and generals collect the reward.

That's how it works.

Generals, of course, know this... 

They know that they need all the manpower they can get... 

So every time a strong young man joins the army, they train him to be a soldier - not a general.

They don't want him to climb the ladder and become one of them, so they can stay behind together and discuss strategies... 

They want him to go out there and fight for them, so they don't have to.
Your company is the same way.

People above you - those big shot marketers - need soldiers.

They need guys who are going to hustle their tails off... Sell... Pitch... Harass friends and family... So they don't have to.

Simply put... 

You are most useful to them when you are out there doing the "dirty" work.

So instead of teaching you how to build streams of passive income and generate true wealth (like they do)... 

They give you these little tactics, scripts, and templates so you can be a good deal-chaser.

In a way, they want you to stay hungry, living paycheck to paycheck, and killing yourself to close more deals than the previous month... 

Because like every other army, they need soldiers more than they need generals.

Six Years Ago, I Learned This the Hardest Way Possible

Hi, my name is Andrew Logan

And what I’m about to share with you is quite possibly the most embarrassing moment of my entire life

Yet, it caused me to rethink my entire approach to network marketing...

Decide to stop being just another soldier and start acting like a general instead... 

And to go from $100 a week to $1,000,000 a year in just 36 months

But let me start from the beginning...
Six years ago, my pregnant wife and I were returning from our company’s major convention when attendants informed us that our flight was cancelled

It was 2:30am Saturday night, so they gave us some pillows and basically let us know that we were to sleep at the airport

I opened my phone and went searching for hotels, but the law of supply and demand did its thing:

The only available airport hotel rooms were going for minimum $500 a night

FYI... We were making around $50 - $100 a week at the time

So this was A LOT of money

I had a choice to make:

Pregnant wife sleeping on the floor of an airport with a tiny pillow and blanket... Or $500+ that we don’t have for a hotel room to make sure she’s comfortable and sleeps well?

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I actually caught myself weighing my options for a brief moment… 

That's when it hit me like a hammer:


"What type of man would let his pregnant wife sleep at the airport because he can't afford a hotel room?"

I don’t know what your lowest low was… 

But I’m sure it wasn’t worse than this.

NOTHING is worse than not being able to take care of those you love the most 

Of course, there’s no decision - I had to ensure my wife and baby are comfortable, regardless of the cost

But the fact that I had to pause for half a second and consider the alternative was when something snapped in my head

I made a promise to myself that I was going to do whatever it takes to ensure this never happens again

It didn't take me long to realize that selling $47 products or getting a few friends to sign up wasn’t going to get me there… 

I had to build a real, sustainable business that’s going to make me money 24/7/365 so I can give my family the life they deserved.

You can bet all your money that I had no idea where to start… 

But I knew I had to do it, one way or another.

I owed it to my wife and my unborn baby

Finally... I Realized the Difference Between Chasing Sales and Building Wealth

It took me some endless, sleepless nights and at least two dozen business books... 

But I finally figured out the formula for network marketing success.

Unsurprisingly, it had nothing to do with the traditional approach that comes down to outworking and outselling the next guy.

I started treating it as a business instead of a hustle 

I stopped doing the dirty work like other soldiers and started doing what generals are doing

And before I knew it... Much faster than I could possibly imagine... 

I started making REAL money, by actually working less than ever.

In fact... 

Just 36 Months Later, I Made My First $1,000,000

Moving from hustling to wealth creation made all the difference:

I was able to escape the vicious cycle of chasing deals... 

And make my money work for me.

All of a sudden, I had money pouring in from all these different places.

It was almost too easy!

Fast forward today... 

Both my wife and I are now perennial 7-figure annual earners - whether we get out of bed or not.
We have an amazing team working tirelessly to help us grow our business… Plus a few properties that generate us passive income
But most importantly, we are FREE… In every sense of the word.

We get to set our own hours...

Watch our kids grow... 

And enjoy in all the wonderful things the life has to offer, without worrying whether or not our next paycheck will cover it

I'll Be Honest... I Was NEVER Going to Share This 

For years, I jealously kept this a secret... 

Only sharing it with my associates, so they can make me more money.

I guess my mindset was:

"Nobody wanted to tell me this stuff... Why would I tell anyone?"

But after a few years... After I made enough money for myself and let go of a grudge... 

I realized that I owed it to other network marketers out there to share my discovery

So I changed my mind and decided to start putting my strategies together into a book

I spent over a year compiling all my best-kept strategies into what is now called…

"The Way Out"

7 Steps to Financial Freedom Through Network Marketing

Inside This FREE Book, You Are Going to Discover...

The Exact 7 Steps I Took to Go From $0 to $1,000,000

STEP 1: Create Your Story

How to Captivate People, Get Leads, and Close Deals Without “Selling”... By Simply Sharing an Exciting 30-Second Story

  • The Unlikely Key to Network Marketing Success: Don’t Try to “Sell” Anything, Ever Again… Tell Stories Instead - Pg 22
  • How to Structure an Amazing Story That Makes People Take Out Their Credit Cards, Without Even Asking for It - Pg 25
  • How to Tell Your Story in 30 Seconds or Less, So You NEVER Lose Their Attention (Hint: One Weird Exercise) - Pg 30
  • One “Dirty Little Trick” to Make ANY Story More Interesting, Relevant, and Believable to a Listener… Even If You Are Not a Great Storyteller - Pg 32
  • Step-by-Step Template for Writing Your Perfect 30-Second Story (With Examples) - Pg 33

STEP 2: Build In Warm Network

How to Reach Out to Friends, Family & Acquaintances and Make Those First Few Sales… Without Making Them Avoid You

  • How to Know With Certainty If a Person Is Interested in Your Offer, by Asking One Simple Question (Plus My Go-To Questions You Can Steal) - Pg 55
  • My Favorite Direct and Indirect “Invitations” You Can Use to Get the Initial “YES”, Without Making Them Feel Sold - Pg 57
  • How to Leverage a Weird ‘Flaw’ in Humans to Create a Strong Desire for Your Offer… Without Even Trying to Sell It - Pg 60
  • The Only 3 Types of Objections Your Prospects Can Come Up With at This Point… And How to Overcome Them, Step-by-Step - Pg 67
  • Finally! How to Close the Deal by Asking a “Presumptive” Question They Can’t Say “NO” to - Pg 77
  • How to Follow-Up With Hesitant Prospects and Get Them to Pull the Trigger, Without Coming Off as Aggressive or Needy - Pg 78

STEP 3: Build In Cold Network

How to Go From Selling to Friends and Family to Attracting Complete Strangers.. And Scale the Business to the Moon

  • How to Build an Alluring Online Brand That Turns Complete Strangers Into Prospects and Leads… On Autopilot - Pg 94
  • My "L.V.R." Rule for Posting Social Media - A.K.A. The Only 3 Types of Posts You Should Be Publishing - Pg 100
  • How to Use Facebook Groups to Start Conversations and Get Leads at Will - Pg 111
  • 4 Questions You Should Ask at the Beginning of Every Conversation to Connect With Your Prospect Instantly (Works Every Time) - Pg 114 
  • How to Use “One Sentence Presentation” to Introduce Your Offer and Make People Want to Know More… Without Triggering Their B.S. Alarms - Pg 117

STEP 4: Teach People to Make Money

How to Build, Train and Run Your Own Team… So You Can Turn Your Little Side Hustle Into a Legit, Sustainable Business 

  • The Only 3 Types of People You Need in Your Company - Pg 126
  • STAGE 1: How to Get Your Existing Customers to Bring In a Friend or Two - Pg 128
  • STAGE 2: How to Find Somewhat Serious Associates - So Called “Sharers” - And Help Them Bring Another 10 People - Pg 132
  • STAGE 3: How to Find and Train “Builders” - Those Top-Shelf Associates Who’ll Brining in Dozens of People and Help You Scale Your Business to the Moon - Pg 152

STEP 5: Treat This Like a Business

The Difference Between 7-Figure Network Marketers and Those Who Live Sale to Sale, Paycheck to Paycheck

  • How Wealthy Network Marketers Manage Their Money - A.K.A. The 4 Buckets You Should Put Your Money Into - Pg 189
  • 5 Smart Ways to Reinvest Your Network Marketing Earnings to Grow Your Business Exponentially (Very Few People Are Doing This) - Pg 196
  • The Not-So-Glamorous-Side of Network Marketing: How Being Ready to Live Below Your Means in the Short Term Makes the Ultimate Difference Between Building Wealth and Living Sale to Sale - Pg 203
  • How to Recession-Proof Your Business and Life, So No Matter What Happens in the World… You Are Fine (2020 Anyone?) - Pg 207
  • The #1 Trait of a Great Leader: How to Make the Right Business Decisions, Even When They Are Tough - Pg 210

STEP 6: Create Wealth, Not Money

How to Use Your Network Marketing Bucks to Turn Your Side-Hustle Into a Legit, Sustainable Business

  • The Difference Between Money and Wealth... And Why You Should Be After the Latter - Pg 215
  • 5-Second Exercise That Will Change the Way You Look at Money Forever - Pg 218
  • Why You Should NOT Quit Your Job Yet… No Matter How Much Money Your Network Marketing Business Is Making You - Pg 221
  • How Going Back to a 9-5 Job Helped Me DOUBLE My Network Marketing Business in Just 12 Months - Pg 223
  • The Final Step: How to Turn Residual Into Passive Income… Build True Wealth... And Enjoy the Ultimate Freedom for the Rest of Your Life - Pg 227

STEP 7: Build Multiple Streams of Income

How to Invest Your Business Earnings, Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income and Build Generational Wealth

  • How to Start Investing, Build Passive Income Streams, and Let Your Money Work for You - Pg 229
  • Why “Having All Eggs in One Basket” Is Actually the BEST Investing Strategy for New Investors - Pg 232
  • The ONLY 3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself in Order to Figure Out What Type of Investor You Are - Pg 236
  • 2-Step Checklist I Use to Decide Whether or Not to Invest in a Deal (Yes, It’s THAT Simple) - Pg 243
  • 5 Different Sets of Goals You Should Be Writing Down Every Single Year, to Make Sure You Are on the Right Track - Pg 248

See Why Thousands of Network Marketers Are Raving About This Book...

"The Way Out" Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is: Are You Next?


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Why the Heck Am I Giving You All This for FREE?

There are three reasons actually:

First, I genuinely want to help other network marketers

I've had my share of success and money thanks to this industry. And I firmly believe that when you've managed to have success, it's an obligation to help others. You build a bigger table, not a higher fence.  I feel it's time to send the elevator back down and help others.

Second, I like to put my best foot forward

I figured that the best way to show you that I can help you is by actually helping you. If the book blows you away, I'm sure we'll find a way to keep working together in the future.

And third, I'm just sick of all these snake oil salesmen damaging our industry's reputation

I want honest, genuine folks to have the chance to climb the ladder and change the way this business is perceived out there. The only way our industry will gain more respect is if we work together.

There Is Only One "Catch"

See, I'm actually losing a few cents every time someone orders a book 

So I only printed a few thousand copies, for the most dedicated among you

Once they sell out, that's it

The book is not coming back

Not at this price point, that's for sure


If you are truly serious about taking your network marketing hustle off the ground... And turning it into a sustainable, long-term 7-figure business...

Grab your copy while you still can

And Don't Worry...

You Are Fully Protected by My Bold Guarantee

It's simple:

If you don't LOVE this book, I'll refund your shipping cost.

And not just that... 

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Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll give you back your shipping fee with no questions asked.

Fair enough?

Your Future Can't Wait Any Longer!

Order the Book and Make the First Step Towards Financial Freedom


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