When I Was Starting Out in Network Marketing
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"[Andrew is] a very special friend of mine and very successful marketing professional... Someone who I look up to in many different ways."
Frazer Brookes
The #1 Social Media Trainer In Network Marketing Industry

If I Had Something Like This When I Started Out, I Would've Become a Millionaire in My First Year

From: Andrew Logan
Perennial 7-Figure Earner
Dear friend,

If you've been hoping that network marketing could be your one-way ticket to financial freedom... 

But those "old school" strategies simply aren't working and now you don't know what to do next...

Then Business Launch Package was built for you.  

This program is all about getting your business off the ground as quickly as possible - without any guesswork or trial & error.

I'll take you by the hand and help you go from the very bottom of your company... To closing your first few deals... To building your own team and 10X-ing your income.

And I'll do all that for 1/10 of what I normally charge.

Here's What You Get Inside the

Business Launch Package

4 Day Fast Start Program
When I first started, it took me MONTHS to start making any money - simply because I didn't know where to begin. But if I had this little program, I would've made my first sale on Day 1.

4 Day Fast Start will show you how to launch your business, create your offer, and find those first few customers as soon as humanly possible.... So you can get paid straight away.
4 Day Financial Makeover
Stats show that less than 0.05% of all network marketers manage to make $100,000. That's because 99.95% treat this as a "side hustle" and not as a legit, sustainable business.

In this 4-day program, you'll learn how to organize your network marketing business the right way... 

So it can generate you a full-time income and not just a few paychecks "on the side".
Attraction Marketing Formula
How would you like to have a steady stream of HOT, ready-to-buy leads reaching out to you every single day... So all you need to do is take their information and close the deal?

This program is all about building fully-automated lead-generation machines that will allow you to outsell even the most charismatic salesmen in your company without even leaving your home.
"The Way Out" eBook and Audiobook
Finally, you will get my 260-page eBook, "The Way Out - 7 Steps to Financial Freedom Through Network Marketing"

Inside, I'm revealing the exact 7-step process I followed to escape the vicious cycle of chasing deals like 99% of network marketers... 

And create streams of passive income that made me a millionaire and allowed me to live the lifestyle of my dreams.

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order Today!

  • 4 Day Fast Start ($97 Value)
  • 4 Day Financial Makeover ($97 Value)
  • Attraction Marketing Formula ($97 Value)
  • "The Way Out" eBook and Audio ($27 Value)

Total Value: $318

You Pay Only $47

What's the Catch?

Seriously, would I give you all this stuff at such a low price?

Well, there are three reasons actually...
This is my way of "sending the elevator back down", as this program is the exact roadmap I wish I had when I was starting out.
I'm sick of all these "gurus" selling their "press button to riches" system. This is real-world stuff that's actually working right now.
I want to put my best foot forward and show that I can help you - by actually helping you. If this goes well, we might find a way to work together in the future.

That Being Said, Know That This Is a

VERY Limited Opportunity

Every time someone takes advantage of this offer and grabs the Business Launch Package for just $47, I am actually losing money. 

So what I decided to do is limit this offer to the first 1000 people only.

As soon as the 1000th person grabs the package, this page will be taken down and I'll continue selling each of the four programs individually at their regular price.

Depending on when you are reading this, it could happen any moment... So if you want to kickstart your MLM business, I suggest you act now.

And of Course...

You Are Backed By My 100% Money-Back-Guarantee

It's simple:

If you don't LOVE the training, I'll refund your investment.

And not just that... 

If you give the system an honest try and it doesn't change the way you look at network marketing....I'll take care of your expenses AND I'll let you keep the program - just for the inconvenience.

All you need to do is email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll return your money with no questions asked.

Fair enough?

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